We are a  family orientated, online footwear company based in Lyttelton, Canterbury.

Our aim is to bring you classic European brands for the whole family that are reasonably priced, comfortable and fun!

Reminiscent of our own childhoods, we remember the quality manufacturing, vivid colours and sometimes even the smell.

We've selected our brands based on ethical practices and eco friendly materials.

We love the classics and we want them back!





O U R  B R A N D S

The brand was born 1915 in La Rioja, Spain  when love-struck husband and shoemaker Gregorio, created a shoe bearing his wife’s name; Victoria. Since becoming an essential part of Spanish fashion in the seventies and eighties, Victoria has become the classic plimsoll brand that people fall in love with.

Time may have moved on, and trends have come and gone, but Victoria Plimsolls continue to reinvent and re-energise their classic designs so they remain contemporary and relevant but never lose their heritage. Using only natural organic cottons and natural dyes in a vivid colour palette and a 100% natural rubber sole with a sweet strawberry scent, Victoria’s are original, authentic and fun. 

Victoria's green practices...



Since 1974, Igor, a family owned and operated company has been specialising in producing high-quality sandals, rain boots and jelly shoes for women and kids. The factory is located in the Alicante region of southern Spain, and has been the only manufacturing source of Igor. Igor combines generations worth of expertise in shoe-making, with a design team in-tune with the latest trends in fashion to bring you an end product which is as stylish as it is practical. Igor prides itself in the uniqueness and quality of its 100% European-made products.

The shoes are made of high quality recyclable PVC. With a cushioned removable foot bed in soft EVA for extra comfort and great foot support. They are stylish, practical, modern, odour resistant, non marking, and vegan friendly. Easy to clean with mild soap and warm water.

They are REACH compliant (non-toxic PVC). REACH is a strict European regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals for a safe use of chemicals in the environment. 

Igor likes fashion, loves colours, and it really really likes water! Whether you plan on spending the day at the beach, around the pool or jumping in puddles, Igor offers something for every occasion.




Our Avarcas have been hand crafted in Menorca Spain. 

The are a very traditional style of sandal originally made from a leather upper with the sole made from recycled tyres. Today they are much more light weight and very hard wearing.

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